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End of February 2008 Former chief economist of
  the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz condemned the organisation for failing poor

Greg Palast spoke to Jospeh Stiglitz and then president of
  the World Bank Joseph Wolfensohn to assess claims of corruption.

  NEWS | Greg Palast | World Bank 'fails poor' says Stiglitz - FIRST BROADCAST 27
  APRIL 2001

IMF and World Bank meet in Washington - Greg Palast reports
  for BBC Television's Newsnight.
Three weeks ago James Wolfensohn, President
  of the World Bank, was supposed to appear on CNN, and he told CNN that if I
  showed up and they put me on the air he would not appear; he would remove all
  tapes of his interviews if Greg Palast were allowed on the air. And CNN did the
  courageous thing and yanked me out of the studio. Now we're going to find out
Joseph Stiglitz(fmr chief economist World

Creating Poverty: World Bank's Latest Passion

World  Bank has strange ways of eradicating poverty. Considering that
sustainable  agriculture is the established link to poverty eradication, the
World Bank/IMF  forced developing countries to shift from staple foods (crucial
for food  security needs) to cash crops that meet the luxury requirement of the
western  countries.

By: Devinder Sharma ~ STWR

In tune with the
world's  latest fad, the World Bank prominently displays a slogan in its
Washington DC  office: 'The purpose of the World Bank is to fight poverty with
passion'. In  fact, such has been the global effort to eliminate poverty and
resulting hunger  that over the past 25 years, despite every international
treaty and agreement  swearing in the name of poor and downtrodden, the number
of absolute poor  continues to grow unabated. World Bank is no

If statements and  slogans could translate into action against
poverty and hunger, the world would  have emerged from the glaring inequalities
long ago. Poverty could have been  easily eclipsed from the face of the globe.
Even the World Bank has very  conveniently used the emotive appeal of fighting
hunger to push in reality the  commercial interests of the private

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